Integrity line

In recent years there have been numerous reports in the media about corruption and fraud within large, international corporations. These offenses often have far-reaching consequences and cause great financial loss, in addition to damaging the reputation of the company and its employees. Damage to the company, however, can often be reduced, provided that the employees have at their disposal an anonymous means of communicating unlawful activities.

On account of our notably positive corporate culture, we at NIMET do not expect to be affected by such problems. However, in the spirit of transparent corporate governance, we would like to offer our employees – as well as our customers and suppliers – the possibility of contacting us anonymously in order to alert us to potential violations of the law and the guidelines concerning the NIMET corporation, especially as regards embezzlement and corruption. Employees may, of course, continue to inform their supervisors directly.

All information will be forwarded to Managing Director of the company NIMET srl.

Should an in-house investigation reveal that the information received is correct, the employees in charge of the department in question will be confronted with the allegations in order that improvements may be implemented. Should, however, the information prove to be unfounded, the internal inquiry will be closed and all relevant information deleted.