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Environmental policy

By its current concerns and activities, NIMET srl aims to create an appropriate framework to balance the economic interest in an environmentally friendly manner.

By means of the environmental management system implemented within the company and being convinced that we can develop successful businesses in line with the sustainable development principle, we carry out our business activity according to the following strategies:

  • To conduct our business in full compliance with the legislation in force and with the regulations applicable to our activities, services and products.
  • To continuously improve our environmental performances, by controlling and influencing the identified significant environmental aspects, according to the adopted environment management program.
  • To adopt within our current practices a preventive behaviour against pollution, instead of a corrective one.
  • To judiciously use the energy, natural resources and raw materials in all our activities.
  • To improve the management of the waste generated by our activities and services.

In order for the OHS system to be functional, the NIMET managing board is decided to:

  • To ensure a high level of performance in the OHS field, by at least complying with the legal requirements.
  • To provide the proper resources for the implementation of the policy and strategy in the field.
  • To provide the conditions needed for knowing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the system within all the departments of the company.
  • To impose and determine the employees involvement within the policy implementation and the achievement of the adopted OHS objectives.
  • To provide the conditions needed for the training of all the employees in order to fulfil their tasks and responsibilities.

Considering the occupational health and safety as part of our activities performance and knowing the advantages of the system implementation, the legal duties and responsibilities incumbent to the company’s managers, we shall perform our duties by taking into account the general accident prevention principles during the organization of work and of the work conditions and within the development of social relationships, focusing on the prevention, evaluation and control of accident and occupational diseases risks.

The managing board at its highest level regularly analyzes the implementation and operation of the integrated system and is committed to its continuous improvement. We make available the needed resources for the continuous improvement of our performance, wanting to fully comply with the specific legal requirements and regulations and we shall achieve this goal in a manner that will strengthen our business.

All the employees, no matter their position, are responsible to actively undertake the accomplishment of our strategy and policy. As Director, I undertake to provide the organisational framework and the resources needed for the accomplishment of the adopted policy and objectives.

Samy Numan / Managing Director And Founder Nimet