About us

Nearly every industry needs to lift something, to transport something, to move something. Our products are unique, yet universal at the same time.

We have an entrepreneurial spirit here; we explore different ideas to build the right products for different clients and countries. At Nimet, we stimulate creative solutions for different needs, bold initiative, and we provide something more than just products: we also offer services to our customers, which add value. A full 40% of our production is customized. And our most important advantage over our competitors is that we react quickly with replies during the same day. Time is the most expensive resource these days; customers don’t have time for lengthy processes. If you can offer the product they want immediately, you win.

Samy Numan / Managing Director And Founder Nimet


Founded by a mechanical engineer, as a niche producer of piston rods and tubes for hydraulic lifting, loading and handling systems, NIMET had in the begining only 10 employees and a production facility of around 500 sqm.
Shortly after the start-up, the Austrian giant, Palfinger, the global market leader in cranes, entered into a joint venture with the Romanian company. In less than 10 years, the small East European manufacturer morphed into one of the most respected industry leaders, with a global presence.


Working only with selected reputable mills, considered to be the best producers in the world of steel, the raw material is supplied in 100% ultra-sonic and anti-mixture testing conditions.

All manufacturing processes are controlled by automated and active laser measurement systems. Following strict procedures of quality assurance, set by the certified international Management System standards, Nimet is able to ensure a constant and stable production.

All production parameters and results are tested in Nimet's modern laboratories, successfully contributing to delivering a high-quality product.

Starting with 2017, Nimet has embraced the Lean Kaizen philosophy, its principles currently being implemented throughout all administrative and procedural activities.

Where we are

Nimet has a global presence in more than 90 countries worldwide, with a well-developed sales network through its distribution partners in all 6 continents. Our production goes 95% to export (75% in European states and 25% export evenly distributed between North America, South America, Asia Pacific and Russia).

In the structure of the client portfolio, the shares are almost equally divided between end-users and distributors. We pay great attention to the particular needs of each category, who, depending on the business culture, can be small businesses, without storage spaces, preferring the services of distribution chains or big OEMs dealing on their own supply chain.

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Raw materials demand &efficency
3 plants
5.200 tons/month
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